We are fully aware of the ongoing impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on everyone. We are continually observing the pandemic restrictions and availability of international travel. With the vaccination rollout ongoing, and promising current progress in Portugal, we remain very hopeful that an in-person SMOFcon Europe in December in Lisboa will be possible.

For those who will be able to travel safely to Lisboa, we are preparing the in-person part of the con. For those who won’t be able to travel, or who cannot commit in time to take advantage of reasonably priced travel options, or who are understandably cautious even if formal restrictions are lifted, we are also preparing for online elements of SMOFcon Europe’s programming. The recent virtual SMOFcon 37&¼, and other events, have shown what is feasible.

We cannot currently state how many programme items will be streamed online. That will depend on how the situation will evolve and how many members will be able to safely participate in the in-person event. As a minimum, we plan to broadcast a number of items each day, ideally including some workshops, where people online will be able to interact with us. As a small convention, running a true hybrid event is beyond our means, but we can use the known channels of virtual participation in a selective, thoughtful and practical way. We will also prepare a platform that allows for socialising online.

We encourage everyone who wants to participate, but is not yet sure about the feasibility of travel, to visit our registration page and obtain Supporting/Virtual membership(s). You can always upgrade later to Attending Membership. Knowing how many virtual members we will have will allow us to better plan for the online part of the convention.