Registration for SMOFcon Europe is open. Membership categories and rates are:

Attending: 70€
Supporting/virtual: 40€
First SMOFcon: 20€
FANtastic: 5€
Lisboa Fantástica: 5€
Partners and Pals: 5€

  • Attending membership gives access to all of the convention activities, both in-person and virtual, for the full weekend of the convention.
  • Supporting/virtual membership allows you to support the convention, and gives access to all virtual aspects of the convention for the full weekend.
  • First SMOFcon memberships are available to members who have never attended a SMOFcon before
  • FANtastic memberships are available to members of marginalised communities and to anyone who would find the cost of a full membership a challenge.
  • Lisboa Fantástica memberships are available to local fans. As the first SMOFcon to be held in Portugal, we are delighted to be in Lisboa, and we hope to attract local fans who may not have had chance to attend a SMOFcon before.
  • Partners and Pals is a special rate for partners and pals of attending members, allowing the partner or pal access to the convention bar and mezzanine lounge in the hotel.

Attending or virtual?

Not sure whether to join as an attending member or virtual? We recommend that you visit our registration page and obtain Supporting/Virtual membership(s). You can always upgrade later to Attending Membership. Knowing how many virtual members we will have will allow us to better plan for the online part of the convention. You may also want to see our COVID-19 statement.

Check / update your membership

Not sure whether you’ve joined? Can’t find your confirmation? You can request confirmation of your membership via our registration system: enter the email address that you used to join SMOFcon Europe, and the system will send you a message with all your membership details. The message also contains a link that you can use to update your details if necessary.

You can also check our online membership list, but remember that it only shows members who have given their consent to being listed. If you need more information, or if you have any other queries, contact us at