Registration for SMOFcon Europe is open now. Membership categories and rates are:

Attending: 70€
Supporting/virtual: 40€
First SMOFcon: 20€
FANtastic: 5€
Lisboa Fantástica: 5€

  • Attending membership gives access to all of the convention activities, both in-person and virtual, for the full weekend of the convention.
  • Supporting/virtual membership allows you to support the convention, and gives access to all virtual aspects of the convention for the full weekend.
  • First SMOFcon memberships are available to members who have never attended a SMOFcon before
  • FANtastic memberships are available to members of marginalised communities and to anyone who would find the cost of a full membership a challenge.
  • Lisboa Fantástica memberships are available to local fans. As the first SMOFcon to be held in Portugal, we are delighted to be in Lisboa, and we hope to attract local fans who may not have had chance to attend a SMOFcon before.